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    Louis Kohman: "Everything Imaginable, Is Achievable"

My mission and vision

My mission is to help both businesses & individuals unlock their brand potential through innovative strategies that create brand value & aid customer loyalty.

“When it comes to becoming successful, your greatest obstacle is you”
– Louis Kohman


The United States developing further into an economic powerhouse, pumping dollars directly into the economy.


Medical breakthoughs powered by technological advancement, freeing the world from sickness and disease.


Global network interconnectivity,
enabling the ability for all to be socially interconnected.


Institutions offering affordable, modern education and transferring cutting edge knowledge and talent into the industry.


Large-scale innovation across all industries, improving the lives of people in our country and throughout the world.

Education Books - Just Learn Initiative

"Just Learn Something"

With the plethora of information sources available today, it’s never been easier to access resources to learn anything such as speaking a language, designing & sewing clothing, and creating computer software & apps. Whether you’re unsure of what you want to do or simply want to expand your knowledge: Pick up a book or go on the internet and learn something new.

Projects and Investments

Ever since his teenage years, Louis has been involved in a variety of projects and ventures ranging from making contributions to various open-source software, to operating and managing several businesses and services.

Businesses & Services

Host Capitol is a leading provider of reliable web hosting services, powered by modern technology including lightning-fast Solid State Drives. Louis currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer.

Host Whistle was a service that gave everyone access to free budget hosting. Host Whistle targeted students in colleges and universities, offering a premium package for simply having a .edu email address.

NiViDeX was a provider of various web solutions including web design & development, forum software, web hosting, domain registration, and more.

Investment Breakdown

  • Technology
  • eCommerce
  • Social
  • Wellness

Some of my Achievements

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Tweets by Louis Kohman

In 2009 we first approached Apple to get f.lux on iPhones. Years of promises of API access. The last conversation we had with them was "that's too weird for most of our users. Like the Klingon keyboard." Then, they announced their clone onstage, Macworld 2016. https://twitter.com/reckless/status/1288600677510451202

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